BOM Journal: 1 Nephi 3

Nephi was an amazing younger brother. He was so good at forgiving his brothers. Wow! He was being beaten with a rod, the mental emotional and physical anguish one must feel knowing their family is being so mean, they could kill him. What mental and spiritual strength Nephi had to endure that kind of pain before going crazy and just fighting back. I Nephi 1:28-31

And once the angel left, as if things were all better? I'd still be so ticked and mad at my brothers, I'd be like, go home, I'll do this on my own. To let them be there with him, oh man, Nephi was indeed courageous and not just because he could defeat Laban or because he obeyed the Lord, but also
because he stayed with his brothers when his safety was in jeopardy. So much talk about boundaries these days because I´m currently learning these things, I almost wish Nephi would have separated
himself, bit not yet I guess. Later on I know the Lord tells him to leave. I wonder if Nephi had been asking the Lord when it was ok for him to leave or if he just didn't realise that was what he needed to do in that abusive relationship?

Funny how we can see it so clearly, yet I wonder if from the inside Nephi thought it was normal?

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