Thinking Abortion?

What have we done? We are not doing a good job in educating ourselves and protecting our children. I just heard the news of a new law that just passed in one of our states here in our country to legalize the killing of unborn human beings up until the day they are born. I have not done a good enough job at protecting our babies here in this country and I know I can do more.

I am the kind of person that will excuse anything for anyone, I see the best in people, even when you’re a bully, I’ll still think the best of you, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt because life is hard and i genuinely believe that everyone wakes up everyday and wants to be awesome. There is so much good in all of us! But with this recent law passing I have found my prayers include the phrase that Christ Himself used when He was hanging on the cross for us,”forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” I believe education is inspiration and we all, me included, lack in a whole lot of information. That being said, I’m still disappointed, disgusted, appalled, and have been crying most of the day because of this realization. This abomination that is taking place in our country called abortion and disguised as lies about human’s or women’s rights, that we could all be ok with slaughtering precious human lives before they can speak their minds, who would not have the opportunity to light our lives, to fill us with joy and love, to give us hope and to teach us about forgiveness, acceptance and who we can become, to choose to act out of fear instead of love, to kill and throw them away like trash breaks my trust and belief in all of us and I couldn't bear one more moment without expressing something we could do to help educate all of us just a bit more. Join me in spreading this news.

If you are a pregnant mother and don’t want your baby, I am not here to say you should or shouldn’t keep it, but please know there are other options out there besides hiring a hitman for your own baby. Every state allows you to give up your newborn baby to a local hospital even fire departments no questions asked, search google for more info about your state’s law it’s either called the Baby Moses Act or Safe Haven Law, (here in Utah please follow & share and if your local hospital won’t take them, you know what, you can bring them to my house, just send me a message or DM and I’ll make sure they will go to a home where, they might be neglected a bit, might eat dirt or accidentally swallow a penny, where they might have too much screen-time, or where they’ll share hugs and give messy kisses, and hold hands when people are sad, where moms aren't perfect but where moms are trying our best. This sacrifice of giving your child a different family than your own, is a blessing to your child, to the family receiving them and will be a blessing to you, maybe not now, but in another #10yrchallenge you’ll know someone is alive because of your sacrifice. We as women have been given the power to procreate for a reason. to give life to another human being is our privilege as women. We can use our heart, might, mind and strength to protect them and preserve them, so that we can learn about who we really are and experience the joy we are capable of, through them. We need each other! Let’s remember we are loved and we are capable, but especially courageous enough to educate ourselves to make choices out of love to share the light that is within us.
I wish you lots more love and light!

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