10 Fundraising Ideas with Engraved Picket Fence Sales

A friend asked me to come up with some ideas to help promote the rebuild for one of our Pleasant Grove City Parks called Discovery Park. Here’s a list of top 10 ways I think one could potentially raise funds through marketing the park's Engraved Picket Fence Sales!

Our park is being remodeled and therefore needs to be redone and funds are always needed for that, so here's a fun way to get the community involved and have their names on something to last throughout the years to come, whether they are families, individuals or businesses, anyone can purchase a picket fence for themselves or others.


These are just some quick ideas to get your ideas flowing.
  1. Host a Social Media Giveaway - "like, follow and tag 2 friends" make it go a week long or longer, but the key would be to keep posting about it and advertising it so more people can enter.
  2. E-mail coupon if they subscribe to the newsletter. Hopefully you are already set up to collect emails, if not, get a free MailChimp.com account. You need to auto email the coupon code right after peeps signup for the email and allow coupon codes on the site where they buy the pickets.
  3. Partner Pickets exchanged for posts: Partnering with a businesses with a lot of exposure on Instagram, to have them do a couple of posts and stories on their Instagram and tag us so peeps can come over in exchange for a picket with their name on it, or they can just buy a picket.
  4. Partner Picket discounts in exchange for flyer on their location window. Discount off picket fence when they display a sign on their door.
  5. Advertise for the pickets in the PG Newsletter that gets mailed to peeps, include a coupon thing if they subscribe to the newsletter.
  6. Sign and Flyer/Form available at the PG rec center for peeps to pick up if interested.
  7. Have a sample picket with a sign that says something like “this could be your name here!” And more info! And put it in the PG Rec for exposure.
  8. Post Stories to Facebook & Instagram and do a post at least everyday to get people excited and remind them that they need this awesome picket fence with their names on it.
  9. Promote Pickets for Couples: Clark + Linda For-eva! 😉 Think high school sweet hearts maybe?
  10. Send flyers home with the kids from all the local schools! And tell the school they will get one with their name on it just for participating and allowing the flyers to go out. Copies can be paid for by the schools and they have a nifty system where they put fliers in teacher's boxes and then they get passed out. I should know, I'm a roommom and on the PTA board and have done that just for yearbooks. Just make sure you ask the principal of the school to be sure it's cool.
These are not the only ideas, the possibilities are seriously endless. Get your ideas going and present them to your committee and see if you can get a team together to start on one or all of these ideas to raise funds for your park.

hm....what if I did get one with our websites names on there? LindaWinegar.com or ClarknLinda.com that would be AWESOME!

If you live in Pleasant Grove, Utah please consider purchasing an engraved Picket Fence to be displayed at Discovery Park AND it will go to help contribute to the rebuild and renewal of our largest and most favorite city park.

BUY ENGRAVED PICKET FENCE HERE! (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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