30 Day Temple Challenge

The things I've learned so far (7 days in) from doing this #30DayTempleChallenge!

I've had the prompting to go to the temple everyday for the past year. My number 1 excuse to the Lord was, that’s crazy, and “nobody does it.” And then, He showed me my mom’s friend who does it! 🤗 (Julie, thanks for your example!) What was my next excuse? No time, ⏰ I’ve got to get the kids to school. Then He reminds me it’s summer time and kids aren’t in school. Then what about work? Well, He says, don’t worry the temple is open at 5:30am pretty much everyday, including Monday’s (Provo Temple only) so I guess I’m out of excuses!

Pres. Monson says, "Never, never never, postpone a prompting."

Mel Robbins says, "When you feel yourself hesitate before doing something that you know you should do, count 5-4-3-2-1-GO and move towards action." Her 5 Second Rule is amazing!
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So let's do this! Yes, there are going to be a lot of excuses for me, I’m good at those, but not this month, I’m not going to let them stop me! 5-4-3-2-1-GO!!!!!

So starting June 1st I dedicated myself to a 30 Day Temple Challenge, I have gone to the temple everyday and so far it's been glorious! I'm on day 7. PHEW!

So far here is what I've learned in just 7 days!

  1. Let's just do make-up once a day!
    1. It is not necessary to do my full make-up before I leave for the temple and after my workout. LOL I did it for a couple of days and was like, "wait...what am I doing." I don't have time or money to sustain this!
  2. Pick the same thing to wear everyday
    • have you heard of a capsule wardrobe, that's the same concept, except just for the temple. Just pick something you can wear that's a quick on and off and wear it every time you go to the temple. You'll love not having to think about it, saves me at least 5-10 minutes in the morning. I can usually get ready to go in 15 min!
  3. Invite a friend
    • I consider going to the temple self care, and consider hanging out with friends self care, so doing both is double the self care power. Makes things doubly awesome!
  4. Drink a glass of water before going inside
    • I can't eat things this early in the morning (fave time to go to the temple is between 5:15am-5:35am), but if I don't drink water I'll pass out, so please drink water to keep hydrated after a night of sleep or just eat breakfast!
  5. Bring my own  names or do some from the temple
    • I love bringing my own names to the temple, because I'm helping my fam to stay together, however when I don't have family names the temple names are just as great because they are part of someone else's family and that's ok too. Don't let the fact that you don't have your own names keep you from going to the temple.
  6. I am more patient & understanding
    • I have a "latin temper" and it has to be checked quite often. I've noticed I've been kinder and more patient with my kids and even with myself. 
  7. Taking naps are always allowed
    • I give myself permission to take a nap! And even more so when I've gone to the temple early in the morning!
  8. It's quicker than I think
    • Honestly, when is the last time that I did an endowment session? I was able to get in and out in under 2 hours. I used to think it was 3 hours. LOL maybe they have changed things. Anyways, I love that! And the Initiatories still take about 30-45 min so they are quick depending on the time of day. Also, Sealings usually just an hour or so. So these wonderful temple ordinances don't take as long as they used to. If you have family names and you are endowed you can do baptisms, but I'll warn you, you will need to wait behind our stalwart youth! It might be quicker if you just gave them your names to be baptized. ;) 
  9. I can do hard things
    • I'll be honest this is a challenge much different than reading The Book of Mormon in 30 days (which I've done before), because if I skipped a day I could just catch up my reading the next day or later on. If I skip a day of attending the temple I can't just "make it up" at the end of the month by going to 3 sessions or something. LOL So doing this for 7 days in a row is really hard for me and therefore today after I left the temple, I was so proud of myself for sticking with it for even just 7 days. :) Now I have to do it for a bit longer and see how it goes. Pray for me to be able to fight off the fiery darts of the adversary.
Have you ever done a 30 Day Temple Challenge? What did you learn? Anything I need to know?

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