15+ Things I Can Control

It is so easy to feel out of control in these days of CHAOS & UNCERTAINTY! Each day I wake up with zero desire to do anything but check on the status of a virus I have no control over. Adding on top of that the fear of another EARTHQUAKE alarm waking me up, who knows maybe a worse one. #YATUSABES Yeah...yeah...Californians, we know you are all so tough, (don't ignore our feelings, it's how we feel!) but that's the first one I have ever felt and lived through and it's legit scary!!! I want to be the first to validate ALL of everyone's feelings who are feeling completely and totally lost, confused, scared, depressed, alone, sad, full of anxiety, betrayed, overwhelmed, skin crawling, want to pick your face at every minute, chewing your lips, grinding your teeth, hair falling out even more now, and going out of your mind. I am feeling all of that with you! Yes, I used to grind my teeth as a teen and that has come back!!!!! WHAT?!

In all of that I have found there are actually some things I can control!!!!

Only 3 things have been able to re-center me enough to think clearly and sadly one of them is not attending the Temple (because that would have been the first thing) but they are technically closed for me to attend freely right now. So here are my top 3!

1. Reading The Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ - I can't even lie or pretend anymore that other things help, because that is the first thing that brings be back to level 0, centered and ok again. There is something special when you read from it's pages, I am so grateful I decided to start a 30 Day Book of Mormon Challenge on March 1st because I did NOT know THIS would ever happen! So if you need a copy I'll mail you one ASAP because ya'll need the peace that this book can bring.

2. Prayer - God is so good and even though He could come down here and make it all go away, that's not in the plan just yet so we get to watch this show and so many others from the comfort of our own homes. I say "comfort" lightly, because I also acknowledge the fact that so many don't have the comfort of a home or even anything we would remotely call a home. We are so blessed even though we can't leave our homes. He is there to help us, to guide us through this storm. 

3. RUNNING - How I wish I could run away from these problems! WHOA! I can barely step outside, I mean we need a fence so that I can give my neighbors some peace of mind when they go outside too, because we all trying hard not to think that we really are secretly passing COVID-19 to each other and then eventually fearing we will pass it to my grandpa, my mom or my in-laws. So I run inside and it's been a life saver. I have cried while running many times now and I can say I look forward to leaving it on the treadmill. Work up a sweat and make your body do a hard thing so you can cry it out too!

Those recenter me and have helped clear my mind in order to create! 
I created this to help remind me that I am in control of a lot more things than just checking my phone. LOL

How are you finding peace in this Corona Quake Chaos?

Praying for you!

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