Fidjiti Linda

Thanks for visiting and for even bothering to read this page. My fidgety entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by my Mom in middle school and still going strong today! 

My mom taught me how to sew (I have that same sewing machine now!) and the first thing I remember selling in Coconut Creek, Florida wasn't with a typical lemonade stand (although my boys love doing that in the summer and it would have been perfect in FL), instead, I chose Scrunchies! The big huge ones because it made your head look like a flower! You know what I'm talking about, they put that same size on infants now. was a "thing" back then too but for middle schoolers. 

Did you ever feel lost and confused after high school? I wasn't happy at all and had goals bigger than my problems but didn't know how I was going to achieve them. The Lord knew me then and still does! My Visiting Teacher (a woman who had been asked to keep in touch with me through our Relief Society Organization from my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) helped remind me who I am, after she shared her Christ-like love for me through monthly handwritten cards, is when my life took a new direction! I was driven again!

As time, experience, and technology advanced my creative entrepreneur self-has craved solving problems for even more people.

My Fidjiti Entrepreneurial Projects: 
  • Making & Selling Scrunchies - Middle School (11-13yrs old) 
    • We never had great options back then and I really wanted colors to match all of my outfits!
  • Valentine's Day Balloon Sales - High School (14-18yrs) 
    • I convinced my sign-language club this would be cool!
  • DJ (1998 - Present) 
    • Love to DJ for youth dances, parties & the occasional wedding receptions. Still have my DJ speakers and mixer so peeps let this "old lady" still DJ some dances. 
    • Designed my own first logo! (I'll have to show you a pic later on)
    • Designed first Business Cards & Flyers.
  • Custom Gift Wrapping Paper (2001)
    • Hand Stamped Craft Paper for gift wrap.
  • Gift Baskets for Realtors (2002-2004)
    • I got to interact with Realtor's every day who needed practical gifts when they close the sale. People don't want peanuts and crackers, these gifts were basket of cleaning supplies, or basket of dinner, or basket of kitchen utensils and hand towels. 
  • Creative Naming (2003)
    • Consulting to help others come up with creative Business Names, Slogans and Domain names to match their business. 
    • For $9.95 and within 48 hours (YES, I WAS CRAZY & THIS WAS A STEAL!) I would think of and provide 50 names for your business and you'd choose which to go with. 
      • Had someone "complain" that the names I came up with were computer generated. WOW! that to me was the best compliment! My brain is a computer and a far better one than the computers we had back then. LOL
  • Medieval Supplies (2004)
    • Helped the Hubby with a drop ship website which sold medieval supplies.
    • Then added other side sites with women's shoes, hair and beauty supplies & pet accessories.
  • Scrapbook Supply Wholesale (2004)
    • We drop shipped scrapbooking supplies for Doba's online retailers. We were one of their first 16 suppliers. Crazy to think how it would have grown had we stayed with it.
    • I was their only supplier with real-timel time inventory tracking and updating., if you don't have that no one will work with you. LOL 
  • Scrapbook Online Store (2005)
    • The wholesale sales were getting popular and decided to open our own online shop, and we supplied and shipped for ourselves too. 
    • Crazy side story...trying to get wholesale accounts was crazy hard because everyone in the industry didn't like online shops back then. Online wasn't even big then. LOL Look at that, sooooo many online shops now! Who knows, now the hurdles might come with how many social media followers you have.
    • One of the first peeps to have my own 877 number & it was through grasshopper. I was so legit!!
  • Scrapbook Studio (2007)
    • The dream was to have my own scrapbook studio where people could create in the perfect space. We started in the basement of our new home. 
  • 1st Baby Boy (2009)
    • Many of you know our infertility journey, so when baby boy #1 came, I dropped everything. That was who I was waiting for. That was my dream job, dream career, dream assignment, dream everything. God is so good! So with sad but also ecstatic emotions running wild, I decided it was time to sell everything.
    • Looking back I should have kept it going, but that would have meant negleting my new passion of being a mother. 
  • Free LDS Printables (2009)
    • Baby Boy #1 decided he loved nursing for 2 hours at a time. I loved every second of it and would do it over again. But that is when was born. I was so grateful for the many blessings God had given me and I wanted to share my talents and blessings with everyone!
    • I was designing multiple things per month.
    • I had such a huge risk of postpartum depression (with my age, past and time I've lived without children), but the Lord knows us and He knew what I needed to do and He inspired me to create this site and serve in that way to keep my thoughts on others and not myself. There were hard times, but saved me.
    • Site got hacked 2014 and never again the same. 
    • Started migrating site. 
  • (2010 - Present)
    • The Hubs started live-streamed and recorded event videos back before Facebook live or Instagram Stories were ever popular.
    • His company provides videography and live streaming for corporate clients, recording and streaming conferences with break out rooms, trainings, sales vids and more. 
    • Supported and continue to support the Hubs in his new business venture! 
    • He's my favorite entrepreneur!
  • Consulting & Coaching (2011 - Present)
    • Started helping clients design logos, build websites and now help get their social media presence started.
  • Baby Boy #2 (2013)
    • After 4 IUIs we were blessed with such a sweet boy. His big brother prayed for him and so did family and friends. We are so grateful!
    • Didn't know we'd be granted this desire of our hearts. 
    • Everything else on hold!
  • (2015 - Present)
    • Slowly migrating things from
    • Don't get hacked! 
  • Your Own Studio (March 2016)
    • Since The Hubs needed a studio for his videography work, he figured others did too and crafted this amazing space for creators like him to use & appreciate.
    • Utah County's Shared Photo & Videography Studio that you can call your own!
    • Access to tons of equipment, a receptionist and more! While many features are available to everyone, there are some benefits that are only available to Your Own Studio members check it out, it's perfect for Vloging, Podcasting, Product Pics, Portraits, Trainings and more.
  • Etsy Shop (Feb 2017)
    • Started out just to raise cash for a friend who wanted to go help some anti-human trafficking in a 3rd world country. 
    • Designing LDS Leader Invites and more to lighten some loads. 
  • Social Spinner App (June 2017- Present)
      • Social Media Marketing App
      • Started helping clients and friends with their social media marketing campaigns and I needed more ideas so developed this App and available on iTunes and Google Play Store since Feb 2018!
      • The Social Spinner App solves the "what to post" problem we all face as social media marketers. 

    In 2012 I really loved this scripture, Joshua 1:9 but Alma 26:12 really sums it all up for me.

    "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever. Alma 26:12 

    I can not sit still, I don't like being idle. I love seeing fruits of our labors! You can do hard things and hard work pays off. Sure, mistakes will be made along the way but we will learn and grow from them and keep going! I find joy in serving my family, those who need me and the Lord with all of the experience and expertise He has provided for me.

    I love to see people succeed with their talents and passions! I'll be your cheerleader among the too many naysayers. Don't let anyone stop you, be totally obsessed with your passions and your interests. No one else can be YOU! I'd love to see you succeed.

    Hope we get to work on a project together!

    FYI: Fidjiti = Fidgety, but spelled FiDJiti because my first biz was being a DJ and had to make the name work.