The Why

Because there's something God-like in creation. Creating something from things that already exist and being able to show them in a different light to help others is just magical!
Why do you have so many ideas?
  • LOL, great question! I just do and I can't get the ideas out of my head until they are brought to some kind of fruition. Then sometimes they don't work and thats ok, or they have to be put on the back burner because my family needs me first. I'm sure you've experienced variations of this too. We still have an idea book I created for my hubby and me way back in 2002 and it's fun to read the oldie but goodies (some have even been invented or brought to fruition by others, simply because we didn't have the capital to make it happen). I'd love to know how you keep track and manage all of your ideas?
Why do you spend time making things for Visiting Teachers?
  • Because I love the Visiting Teaching program from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a testimony that it works! Read my experience here.
Why do you take so many pics?
  • I appreciate light and love being able to capture each moment the very best way I can to never forget it. And... maybe I'm a little bit scared of losing all of my memory one day. At hubby will have our family's printed Chatbooks & Social Media accounts to help me remember. 
Why did you start TableTalkCards?
  • Ever since I can remember my teachers have had quite the challenge with me because, I talk "too much." They'd move me to different desks around the classroom, soon I was friends with all of my classmates! I'm still that same girl who likes to talk a lot. 
  • I am not only blessed to have a husband who listens but one who also loves communicating & chatting as much as I do! We were not at all surprised by the news that our 5yr old son (at the time and still does) has also been blessed with the ability to befriend anyone and everyone who surrounds him too. LOL our poor teachers! Our love for talking and communicating has launched our desire for more unique and meaningful conversations with each other. As we've gathered together at the table, our most communicative spot, we not only ask about each other's days but get to find out that our son would love to have 16 children and hopes they will all be boys and that his favorite smell is Hot Chocolate. He's fun! Friends have also gathered at our table and they too have loved the unique conversations. We come up with new questions on a regular basis because we love thinking of the myriad of answers we could elicit from adults to teens and especially the little children. Go to to order your own set, which let's be honest, are not in a cumbersome jar. 
 What kind of files are available for download?
  • I like to save my files as JPGs or Adobe® Acrobat® portable document format (PDF) files. Adobe Reader version 7.0 is required to view all PDF files. However, at times I may use different file formats depending on the purpose of the file. I’ll always let you know what kind of file it will be.
How do I save the files onto my computer so I can print them?
  • Click the links or the images to download the PDF files as directed on the page. If this does not work, you may need to click and hold (Mac) or right click on the link (PC), then choose “Download to Disk,” “Save Target As…,” or the equivalent. You can print the files from your computer once you’ve downloaded or saved them.
I love your images, can I get the image(s) which you used on a printable to use for Primary, Young Women or other program?
  • Wow! I’m humbled by the fact that you are interested in something I’ve designed. While, I would love to provide all of you with my “raw” images for other worthy church projects, I feel I’ve only dedicated some of my precious time to various projects. I’m sure, several of you feel that it may not take up too much time, however it’s surprising even to me that I do receive a lot of requests and therefore feel I need to post my reason for not providing you with the file(s). I don’t want to play favorites, cause let’s be honest, I don’t even know you, except that you’re my brother or sister. I also don’t feel right accepting funds for the free work that I do for most of my gospel related projects. The personalized ones might be a different story though. ;) That’s just me! So just know the free printables I offer is a labor of love. If however, you’d like to use an image from one I’ve used, to make a different Handout or Tag or something for The Church or even personal use, I would be happy to research this further with you and possibly work something out. 

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